How Much Does It Cost To Have A Baby ?

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Life is precious, but it will be more precious when someone new is welcomed into your family. Being parent for a newborn is an enormous responsibility with a beautiful journey into the new world.

When it comes to parenting, you have to count every second of your baby and every penny involves with your financial values. When you start thinking about having a baby, you may think of holding the newborn baby in your hands, not the financial costs.

But soon or later you have to think about the expenses involved during the pregnancy period and after the baby born. Typically, in the 7th month from the pregnancy period people started to stockpile the things like diapers, rip, clothes and car seat for the baby. It’s hard to notice those small expenses will become a mammoth debt one day. And of course, it will not be a worthwhile to scream or stress at yourself after you received the hospital bills.

Just to know: As per a report by the USDA, an average income (Middle) family would spend is nearly $12,000 in their first year of newborn life and for their care related expenses. Also, at the age of two, parents would pay more than $ 12,500 per year again. And these numbers will go up in the future as we speak.

The era we live where everything costs, which most of the new parents failing to ask one question that protect the family from future financial backlogs. Where still every prospective parent wants to know the specific answers to the question of how much does it cost to have a baby?

stages of child development
stages of child development

Since, you want to give best in everything to your newborn; from buying the diapers to going to the cesarean section will going to cost you some several hundred to thousands of money. DON’T BE ALARMED, because I will explain each those costs involved in the journey from pregnancy to birth of a baby. I would advise you to prepare your homework well before welcoming your little prince or princess into your life.

Why you need a baby budget?

“A budget is telling your money where to go, instead of wondering where it went” – Dave Ramsey

The truth from the Dave Ramsey quotes, an average middle-income parent is spending roughly $50 per week on diapers and baby food alone without any budget calculation. And forty percent of Moms said their expenses exceeded more than what they had expected or estimated at their maternity periods. So, spending without any personal budget plan can be an imperfect effect on you and your child’s financial wellness in the future. So keep in mind that, when you learned that you are pregnant, start to cut financial loose ends in your life and build a better financial cushion for your future.

For your better understanding, I have given some basic factors to be included while budgeting for your newborn.

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