How Much Does It Cost To Change Your Name Legally?

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“Proper names are poetry in the raw, like all poetry they are untranslatable” – W.H. Auden

Brilliant quote isn’t!!! We are all living in a world where everything can be labeled as a brand. It may be Pen or a dog; everything has its own name. We humans are branded with the name given by our parents. Name is the fundamental essence of one person’s life; it articulates who you are and reminds us our cultural history from time to time, like father to son. The most peculiar thing about our name is that, it will stay in the heart of our loved ones even after we departed from this life.

how much does it cost to change your name

The time you were born, your birth name will be recorded in two legal forms, which are birth certificate and Social Security account. Commonly, the name changes in birth certificate are mostly done for the adoption cases. Where a person needs to file a motion in his state or county court with average of  $100 to $300 of court filing fee. But for brand new name change or correction in SSA, you need to file SS-5 form with no cost.

It is not a common thing when people think about to change their name (first or last) legally because of some unavoidable reasons.  It may the case of divorce or after the marriage. Changing of a name requires few legal procedures follow-up and filling out documents. Those who are planned to change their name would be curious to know how much does it cost to change your name legally. Whatsoever the reason that a person chooses to change his or her name, there is no simple way to put the total expenses involved in this whole name changing process. Because It may sound little complex with all the legal terms and procedures mentioned in this article, but it can be accomplished if you are prepared to give yourself for some time to research more.

Why does anyone want to change their name?

To commit to change your name will not going to be a simple decision. For real time scenario, it was happened to one of my friend recently, when she changed her last name to her husband name. So, I was helping her with the whole legal processes. Which was intrigued me to write this post for all my readers to understand the cost and the amount of patience need to put throughout this processes.

Here are some common indispensable reasons, when people want to go for the changing name decision.

  • Married
  • Divorced
  • Adoption
  • Sometimes names can be confusing

How should I legally change my name?

In your whole life, you enter your name in several documents; from school or college and till apply for the job. Changing the name is not much difficult, but when it comes to paperwork, you must rename the credit, debit card; Insurance, Driver License, Passport, Social Security account and Tax files, etc. It would be wise to make your decision if your pour the money on legal filings and its procedures if you not aware of this process.

So, knowing more will help you to achieve your each step of your goal within a short period.

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