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50 Cool Game Of Thrones Facts That Every Fan Must Know!

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GOT or Game of Thrones seasons are always amazing to watch. Since the final season is still on filming and will be released on 2019 end. One of the best tv show that won most Emmy Awards in history. Now, we know about the huge fans this popular show has got but there are some hidden facts about Game of Thrones, which I am sure as a fan you will be curious to know. Without wasting much time of yours, I will begin with these facts.

50 Cool Facts About Game Of Thrones

50. Peter Dinklage Was Always The First Choice For Author (Martin) & Producers (Dan & David) To Play “Tyrion Lannister”. There Wasn’t Any Audition Held For Tyrion.

peter dinklage as tyrion la


I don’t think after that huge popularity, Peter (as Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones) needs any introduction. He perfectly fits his character and I don’t think any other actor could take his place. You will be surprised to read this fact that there wasn’t any audition held for the character “Tyrion Lannister”. This is because both author (George Martin) and producers (David Benioff & Dan Weiss) couldn’t think of anyone else than Peter Dinklage. He was always their first choice and will always remain.

49. Even Sean Bean Was Producers’ & Author’s First Pick. However, They Still Did Auditions With A Fear If Sean Rejects His Role



Just like Peter Dinklage, even Sean Bean was always the first choice for Martin, Dan and David but they did auditions fearing if he would reject the proposal offered to him. He plays the character of “Eddard Stark” in Game of Thrones. He not only works in theaters, television and films but also gives voice-overs for computer games and commercials.

48. Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) Is A 100% Vegetarian. It Is Actually TOFU He Eats On Screen



Yes, Peter Dinklage is a vegetarian and what you see him eating on screen is not actually meat. It is tofu.

47. Nikolaj Coster Waldau, Who Plays Jaime Lannister In GOT Played A Payback Prank On His Producers Dan & David



Nikolaj, who plays the character of Jaime Lannister played a prank on GOT’s producers. Read this story. Dan Weiss & David Benioff emailed Nikolaj saying that they wanted his hairs long since that would be perfect for his character. Nikolaj thought of playing a prank on them. He mailed them back telling that he needs his character in a distinctive direction. He even sent a picture of himself with his head shaved. Both the producers were just shocked to see his reply. They immediately began looking for a person, who could make a nice wig that exactly matches Jaime’s hairstyle. Now, the wig priced around $10,000. Fortunately, before even any cash was spent Nikolaj called up and said that it was a payback prank.



46. For Game of Thrones Filming Locations, 14 Different Countries Were Researched



Producers and directors wanted some exceptional locations to make the sequels. They researched about 14 different countries. Finally, Malta & Ireland were selected. Gemma Jackson, production designer of Game of Thrones made “Winterfell”at a parking lot and added some exclusive details for the director shoot 360-degrees.

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