Use Summit Air Filter And Kill Mold For Beautiful Indoor

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Use Summit Air Filter And Kill Mold For Beautiful Indoor

Moisture in air is the cause of mold on walls, which will spoil your inner house look. If the moisture level in air is high and stable for many days in a row then it slowly results mold. Air purifier will help you to kill mold easily. Rocket Mountain’s Summit Air Purifier will help you to filter and kill mold from your house. Breathing those mold spores may cause skin allergies and respiratory issues. Air filters will help you to filter and kill mold and allows you to breathe unpolluted air. The summit air purifier includes seven steps to clean up the air. Each method has different cleaning process.

Activated dust pre-filter is an initial method that removes all dust particles from the air. HEPA certified filter is an advanced air cleaning filter that filtrate all micro organisms like bacteria, mold and pollen. Dust particles as little as 0.3 micros are filter out this HEPA filter. Activated carbon filter is third filtration step that eradicate bad odors and smokes from the house. It absorbs those polluted odor from air and filtered out. The photo catalytic filter functions along with UV sterilization filter. It wipes out the toxic gas and chemical odors from the air.


The summit air filter covers an area of 3500 square feet and it weights 8 kg. All the seven filtration features can be turned on and off. Also the air filter comes with five year manufacturer’s warranty. Breathe the fresh air and kill mold in short term by installing this summit air filter. The summit air filter is capable of removing mold up to 3500 square feet and prevents the circularization of mold inside the house.  The air purifier enables you to create an allergy free and smoke free home. Make a way to breathe fresh air by removing all the dust particles, germs and smoke.