Top 5 Alternative Games For Flappy Bird

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I know how addicting FlappBird game was but since that it has ended, you might be interested in knowing some alternatives? If yes, then just read this article.

Click Here to know why the creator of “Flappy Bird” game put an end to it.

Best 5 Alternatives Of FlappyBird Game

1. Clumsy Bird




This is the first game I would rate the best when it comes to alternative to Flappy Bird. This game uses a character that resembles the ones used in Angry Birds. Out here, you will have to navigate through the forest since those bad dragons have taken away Clumsy Bird’s eggs. You need to pass in such a way that you are unharmed by the obstacles coming before you.


  • Single touch controls
  • Just tap to fly. The more pressure you apply, the higher the bird flies
  • Easy to play but hard to master
  • 3D graphics
  • Exclusively detailed
  • Occupies only 2.5MB

Download Here For Android

– Not In Apple Store

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