Top 10 Websites: 10 Cool Websites To Kill Your Boredom

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The cyberspace has turned into a big business, and with business occurs very much of seriousness. But there’s nothing at all serious-minded about these top cool websites. If you want to kill boredom, then you need a shot of an old-school medication: internet browsing. So, let the below list act as a guide to top 10 cool websites to kill boredom and pass time in a fun way. Few are old, few are new, but all of them have their own good part of fun and excitement.

Top 10 Cool Websites List

#01: Ningcool-websites

Social networking is very fashionable and popular, and Ning gets you the next level of it by allowing you to build your own social network. Design your own forms, choose a template of your wish for your social network, and decide what module to include. Ning is an extraordinary site for coordinating a set of people. That’s how it ranked first among the top 10 websites.

#02: The Onioncool-websites

The site is yet moving strong and continues to be one of the most hip to spots to hang out on the Internet. Popular for sarcastic news and saucy treatment of common issues, The Onion could just be the hilarious destination on the Internet.

#03: Flixstercool-websites

This so cool website should bear a warning sign that says, “Do not enter if you are at a disadvantage on time”. For people who love watching movies, this website is just a heaven. Look out for the never-ceasing trifle game – it has no limits!

#04: Lifehackercool-websites

An excellent blog site for anybody seeming to contour their life, Lifehacker offers tips and tricks for having things done. Whether you want tips to assist with time management or a quick-way to finishing a specific task, Lifehacker is an excellent website to be bookmarked as your favorites.

#05: Wootcool-websites

The perfect place for those that love to shop but don’t have enough time to go through a torrent of merchandise, the daily woot sports just one product, hence you can save time and yet do your thing.

#06: Necessary Coolnesscool-websites

Necessary Coolness – One of the top most stylish cool websites! It is a fun, cleverly designed site that boasts everything guys really wants to watch on the Internet. It provides mostly to the men fed up of seeing a lot of cute kitties on the Pinterest; and is also one among the excellent ways to spend a coffee break.

#7: 9Gag

cool websites in internet

9Gag is pretty a great site to surf on your coffee break! This is basically a vast, tile-formatted site occupied with hilarious pictures uploaded by people. A simple site with a simple idea, which actually brought out of a Facebook page. This is how it got into this top websites list.

#08: 5-Second Filmscool-websites

Here comes one of the interesting sites among the top 10 websites list. It’ll need much longer for you to read this description about this site than to watch one of its videos. Though you may easily get hooked to the site and spend an hour or so, 5 seconds at once. The videos are small humorous half-thinking such as the silliest and laziest of stargazes that keep running inside your head. You probably will never find any better way than this to waste 5 seconds of your life.

#09: Monofacecool-websites

The site ‘Monoface’ lets you to create many different faces. Click on head, nose, mouth and each eye to form a new insane face. There are nearly 759,375 achievable faces. This is one among the top 10 cool websites.

#10: The Museum of Mecool-websites

This is a must visit site for every Facebook user. ‘The Museum of Me’ gathers info from the user’s Facebook profile, make it as a video and shows up as museum tour. You can also share the video on your wall.

That’s it people! These are the top 10 websites that are absolutely cool and fun. Make your presence by commenting below.