Ten Years of Reddit

Ten Years of Reddit

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“Reddit” is a community where you can read all kind of contents and meet people to grow your network. From local watch maker to Hollywood celebrities can connect with their fans through AMA’s (Ask Me Anything). It is the place where censorship doesn’t work. This may be the reason it’s one of the best social networking site in the world next to Facebook and twitter. Reddit got tumbled in few months before with all the management cultural issues and made it in the headlines too, but that  wasn’t stopped their growth. It has been ten years  already, which was started by Steve Huffman , Alexis Ohanian in 2005. There are more than 50 categories of contents (Text, Pictures, Videos, Direct Links)  are updated in Reddit pages on a daily basis and read by the millions of redditors in the world. In this ten years of Reddit, world seen and learned a lot about social networking. In 2015, Reddit is became a daily tool to read and watch news & fun stuff. So, Cheers to all the Redditors in the world!! and let the community to grow for good!

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