Netflix is Now Available in India, Here’s The Complete Guide on Netflix

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Netflix is Now Available in India, Here’s The Complete Guide on Netflix

It might be hard to believe but Netflix is now available in India. It was a much awaited thing in India. Netflix has not just expanded in India it has also expanded in 130 countries in Asia, Middle East and Europe. According to the CEO Reed Hasting “Netflix is available in all major countries except China, which will change soon”.

After the expansion the Las Vega based company has became the largest online streaming service in the worlds with its service available in 190 Countries across the world.

What is Netflix?

For those who have no idea what Netflix is, this post will help. Netflix is an American company which provides on demand Internet Streaming Media and flat rate DVD by mail. The company was founded in 1997 but started its subscription in 1999. Netflix charge people by heir subscription plan. Netflix reported to have 69.17 million subscribers worldwide with more than 43 million in the USA.

From many years people were waiting Netflix to come in India and from today onwards it is officially here. So now onwards India can also “Netflix and Chill”.

In India Netflix is providing three types of Subscriptions, Here are Netflix India Pricing –

Basic – 500 Rs/Month

Standard – 650 Rs/Month

Premium – 800 Rs/Month


Subscribers in India can choose any plan as it suits them and watch many movies and TV series by Netflix.  In Basic plan you can only access on One Screen a One Time with SD quality. In Standard plan which is 650 Rs you can stream on two screens at a time with High Definition quality. The standard plan is Rs 800 but it got more features like you can stream on up to four screens at a time and it will provide you 4K content. Yu can watch Netflix on your laptop via their website or on the app on your phone or Tab. The app is available on iOS, Windows and Android.

Te good news is that the first month is free so all you have to do is to sign up and enter your card details. Don’t worry if you get a SMS of a charge of Rs. 70 or similar amount, it’s just an authorization check and you haven’t been actually charged anything.

If you are worrying about your Data uses then you shouldn’t be. Netflix is comparably less data consuming. According to their website SD Videos can take anywhere between 300 to 700 MB per hour while HD stream can consume up to 3GB of your data. The 4K Ultra HD Stream will require the high speed internet and the consumption will be around 7GB per hour.

To stream movie or TV series on Netflix you need at least 0.5 mbps speed but Netflix recommended you with 1.5 mbps broadband connection speed. For SD the recommended speed is 3.0 mbps while for HD it is 5.0 mbps. And to stream in ultra HD 4K you need to have 25 Mbps internet speed.

The pricing in India is virtually the same as US. In US Netflix charge$7.99 (Rs. 530 approximately) per month for 1 SD screen to $11.99 (approximately Rs. 800 per month approximately) a month for 4 HD screens, including a free one-month trial.

So now what, just subscribe to Netflix and enjoy some quality TV content anywhere.

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