How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Car On Average?

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How much does it cost to paint a car

 Living in the lap of luxury isn’t bad, except that you never know when luxury is going to stand up 

One of the best quotes by Mr. Orson Welles (actor from the movie Citizen Kane), implies that our life filled with those luxurious things we buy and we do enjoy it a while. When it comes to the remodeling, this will kick your butt with the eye rising bill of costs. This applies to the case of painting our car too. It is easy to choose the car with little basic information, but it is not simple to maintain it in the same way as we bought. Well, It’s ok to freak out about your repaint cost!!! Because I have a better solution for your worries about repainting your car.

I have myself owned a car (VW Polo), within the couple of years I noticed some chips on the body, when I see those small chips and scratches every time, it would make me think that the car lost its awesomeness. In the ordinary life, we would have seen people can identify a car if it’s new or old by just looking at it. Of course, the painting makes a car from old into a new one. So how much does it cost to paint a car on average? And I am sure that most people, who already own a car, have already asked themselves the same question every time you see the scratches on your car. To begin to read Furthermore, please be sure about are you looking for full repaint or color change. Because the price of repainting or changing the color of the car could go up to several hundred or thousand dollars and it all depends on its owner’s goal.

Before I begin to give you the numbers, I suggest you to ask yourself these fundamental questions which I have given below. Please try to list out the answer which can give you an idea, But some specific works done by the auto shops might unnoticed if you are not careful. So, I would advise you to read further to know more about the car paintings before spending several hundred bucks.

  1. Does my car needs full painting job or few parts of the car need to be painted?
  2. How much does it cost to paint a car in auto shops?
  3. How do I choose the best shop within my budget?
  4. How much does it cost to paint a car if do it yourself?
  5. How much does it cost for color change?

A simple line answer will not be a good answer for these questions. So, I have explained the steps involved in the painting process which involves your money, and this process does not require any rocket science degree to understand these simple explanations.

Those who are professional painters in real life or if you ever tried painting before, then this process I have mentioned could be completed within your home garage with some basic equipment’s like, quality paint, masking tapes, sanded paper and coating roller. And sure, this equipment’s would cost much if you choose to go for high-quality paint job. But if you decide to give your car to the professional auto painting shops, then you will find a lot of auto paint shops in your very local place itself. The very high-quality shops would give you many options as much as to choose their service, which will be high as the price goes up.

Well, if your goal is to change the color of the car, then the price would go high up to 25-30% from the cost of repaint job. So, choosing the right service is the best way to save lots of money from your pocket.

You may well ask, but why do I have to pay several hundred dollars for an simple paint job?

Because my friend, the price you pay for the job will be the quality you get at the end of the day. Price depends on the type and quality of paint, the quality of the service provider, and number of coatings for your car.

How Do I Find The Exact Price For My Car?

That would be a tough question to answer precisely in actual figures. This can vary based on the cost of paint, service provider, and your car type. So, in order to clear the fog (price confusion), we did some research form some of the best to lowest car paint job providers, which I have given as a table. Hope this would help you to choose the better service for your car in the future.

As such, to determine to find out the exact price for the full paint job, I have below listed the prices would vary into 3 categories with their service quality.

Types of paint jobs:

  • High-end job – Best Quality and High Price
  • Mid-range Job – Good Quality and little lower than the high-end price
  • Low-End Job – Low quality and cheap price

I believe you would have guessed little from the category name itself; however I have given my explanation for each type here,

High End

Superior AppearanceFactory style appearanceVague appearance
Remove all trimRemove most of trimTape trim
High End productsHigh End productsLow end products
Excellent DurabilityExcellent DurabilityLess durability
High Attention to detailGood attention to detail

Less attention to detail

Qualities Of Painting Jobs

cost to paint a car



The above detailed information is all average estimation and relays on the car owner’s goal and nothing more!

So, after you have seen the big picture of each and every process involving in car painting, then you will ease yourself without freaking out the money you are going spend on your car.

Here below the price range varies depends on the job you choose for your car;

Type of CarLow-End Paint JobMid-range Paint JobHigh-End paint Job
Small Car: VW Polo, Ford Fiesta, BMW Mini, Vauxhall corsa, Renault Clio.250$ – 600$1000$ – 5000$4500$ – 10000$
Medium Car: VW, Audi A3, BMW 3 Series, Vauxhall Astra, Renault Megane.250$ – 600$1000$ – 5000$4500$ – 10000$
Large Car: VW Passat, Audi A4, BMW 5 Series, Ford Mondeo, Renault Scenic and other Small SUVs.500$ – 800$1000$ – 5000$4500$ – 10000$
Ex-Large Car: VW Phaeton, BMW 8 Series, Ferrari, Audi A8,  Land Rover Discovery, Aston Martin , Bentley, Mercedes S Class, Rolls Royce Audi R8, Lamborghini, Noble, etc.1000$1000$ – 5000$4500$ – 10000$

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