How Much Does It Cost To Declaw Your Cat?

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How Much Does It Cost To Declaw Your Cat?

“Life is rough, so get a Pet” I got this advice from one my friend when I had personal life crisis. Apparently I thought it was a cool idea!

Since, I am not a dog person; I adopted a kitten from a local shelter last year. And I was also educated y the same pal, for why pet needs plenty of attention from their owners. So, I did the same by showing my love. After a while, I had to be busy with my work, which leads to some new habits grew with my Achilles (my kitten).  I did aware; when it comes to the behavioral matters there are stuffs which is very natural in the feline family and that can’t be stopped with the standard training.

In the list of cat behaviors, the most familiar natural behavior as we all know is “SCRATCHING”. Scratching is very normal behavior for cats; they usually do it for play with something, to show anger, or to fight the enemy. Their claws are structured to defend them in many situations; it may be right or wrong. In the worst case, these claws can be your or the cat’s worst nightmare by destroying things. And here is the solution for the destructive scratching is a surgical procedure called declawing.

As per statistics, there are 28% of the cats in US are declawed for safety purpose alone. When I quote safety, it means both you and your cat here. Since most of us doesn’t aware that, declawing is a controversial procedure and not advisable by the many of the veterinarians in most of the countries. This made me curious to learn about the various declawing procedures and methods. Also, if you’re being curious to know how much does it cost to declaw your cat and what are all the alternatives other than traditional surgical methods. So, it’s better find out the facts from the basics by keep reading more!

What is declawing?

Scratching is a common natural behavior of any feline family and it is possible for he can be dangerous and destructive in our household. Declawing (Onychectomy) is the surgery for to remove the claws from the cats. In such case, that amputation of their bones from their toe.

The procedure would initially start by removing the claw and then the little piece of the bone which grow with the claws. Because, just removing the claws from cats would not eliminate the whole scratching habit in your kitten.


Why do you want declaw your cat?

Declawing procedure is a most controversial and had been banned in some countries by animal welfare community due to animal cruelty. So, why do we want to go through this much painful procedure for our loved one? Pets are more alike humans on their emotional behaviors; as normally they do feel sadness, happiness and cry too. Because the difficulties faced as a cat owner, when your cat starts scratching you or your furniture and makes to become no house-friendly. So, declawing the kitten is the one way to solve the scratching problem.

The surgery can be painful and stressful event for the cat, but this might be the better way in order to keep your family safer. Here are few things that you would be facing in your day-to-day life,

  •            Injuring each other in multi-cat homes.
  •            Chance of transferring diseases through claws in household will be avoided.
  •            Children and babies would be safe from any unnatural threatening.
  •            Single scratch would be life threatening if the pet owner had any diseases like skin allergy or heart valve infection.
  •            Threatening or attacking of when a new family member comes into the house.
  •            It is the better method for the cat that cannot be trained as normal.
  •            Instead of giving the cat away or shelters to die for some reasons, Declawing is the better way.

How does Declawing Procedure works?

Here is the basic procedure steps for your understanding.

  •                         Found that your cat has scratching habit
  •                         Decided to declaw
  •                         Find the Surgeon
  •                         Choose your method of declaw depend on your budget

– Guillotine trim method

-Scalpel blade method

-Laser or Radiotherapy

  •                         Post- treatment & home care

When is the right time to declaw your cat?

Before you want to opt to choose for declawing procedure or any other alternative methods, you have to aware of the right time or age to declaw your cat.

As veterinarian’s guidance, Declawing is much easier if you do it at the young age. Also, there won’t be any major issue even if you do it at the older stages. But be mindful that, either way you expense for the surgery will not be the same.

It’s better to discuss with your veterinarian before you decide to declaw. The scratching habit is cat’s natural behavior and it may occur at younger or in the older stage of a cat.

How to choose a right Veterinarian for your cat?

Finding a doctor is easy, but choosing the one it fit your budget and your pet will not be easy. Considering of new pet owners, there are few factors you need to understand before paying your price and handing over the life of your pet. It may cost depends on the level of surgeon and procedure you choose. In 2014, the average cost of the declaw surgery was $100 – $450 per surgery. So, take your time to decide the best veterinarian for your pet.

Step 1: Call and book an appointment

Step 2: Check how the hospital handles the emergencies

Step 3: Read the rules and laws in the application forms

Step 4: Try your friends and colleagues to know more about the hospital

Step 5: Get detail information about the costs

Step 6: Be proactive about your pet’s health

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