“Flappy Bird” Game Creator Says That This Game Ruins His Simple Life

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“Flappy Bird” Game Creator Says That This Game Ruins His Simple Life

For those who aren’t aware of the game “Flappy Bird”, let me tell you that it was recently in controversies. It was a smash hit game, developed by “Nguyen Ha Dong”, who is Vietnam-based. He designed this addicting game within 2 to 3 days and had it released on 24 May 2013 but now it has been removed recently on 10 February 2014.


“Nguyen Ha Dong” — Flappy Bird Game Creator

This scrolling mobile game features 2D-Retro styled graphics. Objective of this game is to guide a little flying bird that continuously moves forward. You have to direct it in a way that it doesn’t hits the obstacles (pipes) coming before it. You collide and the game ends. Each time you tap the screen, the bird flies high.

If this game was such a hit in the world – it is certainly a good thing but why the creator had to remove it from Apple as well as Google’s game store? Read to know why.

Flappy Bird Game Comes To An End Now


Flappy Bird was one of the most downloaded games for a month but it’s now been removed the game stores of Apple and Google. Recently the Indie game-developer “Dong” tweeted that he’s planning to take this game off.

Check the tweets made by him and you will know the reason why.





During an interview, he said that he dint have enough time to update this game into higher levels or any other features to keep players engaged. So, he developed this game incredibly hard to beat. Now, this simple idea has generated him huge cash. Even though he created this game, it seems that he is facing a hard time dealing with it. However, he has his day job perfectly going. Such instances of game developers becoming a millionaire are very rare.

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