Best 10 Internet Marketing Trends In 2017

Internet Marketing Trends

Most marketers will agree the fact that, digital trends and challenges will change time to time in the world of online marketing. If any marketer is not up to date about his industry or not reading about his/her industry, then surely there are chances that he/she will be left behind other marketers. Then nothing left other than to regret the changes happened.

To avoid such situations it is a clever play to stay updated with all the technological changes and techniques in the current era of digital marketing. For your information, we have listed the 10 best Internet Marketing Trends that we think it rules in 2017.

Best 10 Internet Marketing Trends

1. Mobile Marketing

Most people know that the mobile marketing is the big topic that is left since several years. Mobile and wearable marketing are on the gig due to increased usage of them rather than PCs and desktops. However Google, Facebook and other social media sites have already initiated the trend of mobile marketing.

They have formatted certain things with friendly versions that can be ease of use to the users on their mobile phones. Some of the wearables like Fit bit and watches are also been rising in popularity in online marketing.

2. Personalization

Here personalization refers to the uniqueness of the marketers. This is because the online is filled with the ocean of content by the new hundreds of emerging marketers every day. Searchers or the users who are looking for the certain information feel exhausted to look at the same information in different sites.

Hence it is good to change the format of the information either in the form of content or visualization. It is more important to have clarity and uniqueness to acquire the customer’s interest.

3. Other than Ad Blocking

As already discussed there is a tremendous increase of the mobile web users. Every day around 500 million mobile web users and 300 million desktop users are using ad blocking apps in order to remove and avoid the add pop-ups or add banners on their screens.

2017 is the year of markers, try adapting to implement campaigns other than add banners. This will be the best strategy of online marketing in the upcoming years of 2017 and so on.

4. Voice-Driven SEO – Speak Up


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One of the new specialties of SEO is hand’s free search or voice driven search. Since past two decades, type and read search are the very means to search the web. However, Voice Driven web search have come into existence a few years ago, it has not gained that popularity. Voice SEO services is one of the idealistic approaches in the upcoming years of online marketing.

5. Live-Real Time Social Media

It has already proven through Facebook Statistics that – Users tend to watch the live videos three times longer than other same videos that aren’t alive. This feature of live videos is been launched by Facebook on all the different platforms at the early stages of 2016 and still this feature is going to take off through 2017.

6. Content Sales & Marketing

The role of sales and marketing is crucial till today. Statistics shows that the same will be followed in 2017. Usually, sales and marketing teams are tasked to create sales, enabling content like white papers, case studies and webinars.

However, in future, the sales and marketing will be in a peak with all sorts of enablement activities. The activities like same rigors, analysis and testing all the other marketing channels.

7. Data Visualization – Infographics

Data Visualization like infographics is considered as one of the powerful tools for those marketers who are looking to summarize the campaigns and win over the stakeholders.  The Data Visualization has an equal impact as like a piece of content that used for marketing. Data Visualization has also the chance to develop some of the business opportunities that increase your profit.

8. Optimizing beyond Viewability

Inside digital advertising world viewability,  If an ad loaded onto a webpage has recently been seen and it’s been the biggest buzzword. That word has opened as budget-conscious marketers turn to ensure that their carefully crafted advertisings actually reached their target audience.

While these concerns are valid, strides made in the past 2 yrs to combat click fraud mean we’ve come a long way towards ensuring viewability as well as awareness into digital ad positioning. With this threat at bay, 2017 is enough time for marketers to redouble their energies on customizing beyond viewability, and monitoring the impact of promotions farther down-funnel.

9. Visibility in Trust Economy

In 2017, business ratings will come down to less one-sided than the current system. Companies like Uber and Airbnb have pioneered the space of customer ratings, completing the flow of two-way responses.

What’s yet to be seen is actually providing visibility of customer rankings is capable of producing higher-quality customers or perhaps infuriating the ones who are below-average to get started with.

10. Breaking down Mobile Platforms

The new year 2017 is the right time for marketers to review mobile brand experience and optimize cross-channel. Although responsive mobile sites generally offer the same primary messaging and functionality as a web platform, they do not have the stickiness factor that the software is able to achieve.

Yet, in today’s landscape, simply repackaging a mobile website into a software is not heading to cut it. Users expect unique value-ads from a software to warrant the visual and physical space it occupies on their device. Mobile websites and software need to each is optimized as part of the same user experience, while offering unique benefits that are tailored to their websites.

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