Best Educational Windows Phone Apps for Kids

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Educational Windows Phone Apps for Kids: Essential Pre-School Start Up

As of today, the technology has grown miles since the last 10 years. Making things easier to get and learn quickly through hyper space with diverse sources. Having some of the technology on our side is really a great help to raise the kids with full commitments. However, these technologies are doing an excellent job in keeping the kids away from disturbing other works. To make it simpler the apps were released from the solid platforms like “Mac, Windows and Android”.  And some of them have released in the educational category to help the preschoolers to get a kick start before they the attain schooling. Educational Windows phone apps are meant to help the preschoolers with the basics they need.

So, your kids are hitting their head with your windows phone here is the things you might need to make their time useful and quite helpful for their learning. We are about see the best windows phone apps for kids. Have hike through the awesome windows phone apps for kids.

Best Educational Windows Phone Apps for Kids

Windows phone apps for kids #1: Learn ABC Free

Learn-ABC-FreeBefore, we proceed further this is the first and foremost thing your kids need to do, to enjoy the rest of the fun apps. Start the basic lessons for your preschoolers and toddlers.

“Mama” “Dadda” may be the first and not mention the cute words from your toddler mouth. Just in case to teach them the rest lets us start with the baby app, learn ABC.

This app features voice cards and phonetics which will boost their tendency to understand them quickly. It is a basic baby app for kids. Download this windows phone app here.

Windows phone apps for kids #2: Preschool essential by GuruCool

Preschool-essential-by-GuruCoolYou’re bothered about your kids attitude, is he/she is spending most of the time with dumb things that usually ruin their childhood. As of kids it’s a pleasure to waste their time interesting things in their perspective.

But with windows phones on your hands, you can give them what they want as well get you really want too. Plus, all these pre-school lessons in a pretty affordable price too.

Download this app and give it a shot. Shape puzzles, tracing, and counting numbers will keep them away from your kitchen at least for couple of hours. Teach your kids while they are planning. That’s the code for this app. Download this windows app here.

Windows phone apps for kids #3: Nursery Rhymes

Nursery-RhymesGet your kids into the rhythm of rhymes with this educational windows phone app for kids. Kids admire playing and watching colorful videos anyway.

If you’re looking for a windows phone app that will improve the listening and learning skills, ten this ought to be the app that will give you what you really need. You phone should be connected to the data connection to play the videos though. Keep them engaged with animated rhyming characters. Download this free educational windows phone app for kids here.

Windows phone apps for kids #4: Learn Birds

Learn-BirdsSo, how often you’ll see colorful birds in your city (expect in angry birds games)? How many birds do you know that really exist in the world? This app is complete fun and entertainment filled with learning tutorials for your kid.

This app will show different kinds of birds and make your kids familiar with their sounds and texture. May he/she won’t become a nerd with this app, but they do learn something. Download this free kids educational windows phone app here.

Windows phone apps for kids #5: Learn Fruits

Learn-FruitsLike above learn fruits are similar app with different aspect. It will make your kids to spell out many fruits as you like and probably they are learning something, in spite of wasting time with unrealistic games it would be a better option.

This will intrigue your kids to eat them every day. You will have a pleasure serving a healthy meal to your kids anyway.

Windows phone apps for kids #6: Draw Free

Draw-FreeDraw is a popular app, and surprisingly now it’s free for kids. How would your kid feel to draw something with their hands?  Rather than paper you’re going to allow them in your windows phone with attractive colors and all.

This is one fun and cool apps to stimulate the artist in your kid. Keeps them busy while you’re at work are in shopping mall.  Download this free kids educational windows phone app here.

Windows phone apps for kids #7: Color Me Free

Color-Me-FreeColoring, you would remember that you love coloring when you’re a kid. Now then, your kids will also adore having one coloring tool with lots and lots of features and animated images.

This will make them to create a color pattern of their own and they will learn to change the color constantly based on the context.

Download this free educational windows app for your kids now.

Windows phone apps for kids #8: Encyclopaedia Britannica

free-kids-educational-windows-phone-appIf Wikipedia isn’t precisely your personal preference and you’re searching for a more extraordinary experience while attempting to discover information on a particular topic, you should actually make a try with Encyclopaedia Britannica.

This award-winning creation is presently accessible in the Windows Store and could be utilized on a desktop Windows 8 PC, as well as on the Microsoft Surface Tablets. The app offers full access to the top 100 articles and the initial 100 words of all other articles. When you like to view the entire volume of an article, you have to buy a membership. The app can store pictures, graphs and charts, browse history and favorites, while likewise giving significant information on huge occasions and birthdays in the “This Day’ category.

Download this free kids educational windows phone app here.

Hope that your kids will enjoy playing with all these apps. We will be back with some more and cool windows phone apps for kids. Check in after sometime to know more about windows phone apps for kids.

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