25 Simple Survival Tips That Could Literally Save Your Life

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Life is full of surprises, but that doesn’t mean you have to be impromptu when the situation suddenly falls apart. Presenting the most expedient hacks from the Internet, these apparently simple life(saving)hacks can prove to be useful when your life’s in a jeopardy. Don’t become vulnerable, folks, the world is a pitiless place!

1. Survive a Zombie Apocalypse


You may think nothing like such thing as a Zombie Apocalypse will happen. But you might be surprised to know that government officials have plans prepared for any such events, just in case. Here are some of them:

  • Buy and stock up on weapons like stun-guns, handcuffs,
  • Stock up on as many supplies as possible
  • Buy a protective suit (like the one used against Ebola) and keep at your disposal
  • Isolate your friends and family somewhere safe and unaffected by the disease
  • Wait until the government comes up with a cure

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2. Survive a Plane Crash

Image Credit: giphy.com

Most of us think that plane crashes are a traumatizing and life-succumbing events. But, that isn’t true (well, for the most part.) While the chances of surviving a plane crash are narrow, it doesn’t mean they are unsurvivable. So, how to survive a plane crash like a man:

  • Be Fit – Surviving a plane crash need you to operate promptly through narrow aisles with wreckages all over it.
  • Go with Bigger Planes, if possible – Larger aircrafts absorb more impact during a crash which means you’re subjected to less deadly impact.
  • Remember the Five Row Rule – Those who have survived plane crash before had to move just five rows to escape and the chances of escaping beyond five rows are very less. If you can’t get an Exit Row seat, then go for the aisle. Aisle seats have 64 percent of survival rates.
  • Listen to what the Flight Attendants say – You can even survive a plane crash just by listening to “pre-flight safety measure” given by the flight attendants.
  • Wear the Oxygen Mask right away – Oxygen masks help you breathe at higher altitudes when there’s a breach in the body of the plane, and there’s very less air to pump oxygen into your bloodstream becomes impossible. Oxygen mask can help you breathe normally in such cases.
  • Take the Brace Position – Brace positions are no silly! Brace position do add up the chances of survival during a plane crash.
  • Do not inflate Lifejacket inside the Plane – Always remember not to inflate the lifejacket while you’re still on the plane. When the water gets inside the sinking plane, it’ll be hard to move around while floating. Hence lessening the chances of getting out of it.

3. Survive a Terrorist Attack

Image Credit: www.nydailynews.com

You’ll never know when and where to expect a terrorist attack. The element of surprise is the ultimate weapon of terrorists. Being prepared for and surviving a terrorist attack involves three major steps:

  • Run – The very first thing to do during a terrorist attack is to “run” and get away from the location, after the locating the area of danger. Also, help other people to get away from the area of danger, if at all possible.
  • Hide – If running away from the scene is not possible, “hiding” is the next best option. If you’re eating at a restaurant during the attack, stay inside and lock all the doors. Also, switch off all the lights inside the building, as well as the mobile phones. You should lay down on the floor and stay away from windows or any openings.
  • Alert – when you and other people are away from any danger, call the emergency hotline and inform the authorities about the ongoing terrorist attack.

4. Survive a Nuclear Holocaust

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We are nowhere near the safe-zone with all those nuclear weapons possessed by the nations of the world. And also, our nations are far from life-long peace with each other. So, we are forced to plan beforehand and think practically about planning how to survive a Nuclear Attack.

  • Water – Water is the most priceless thing you’ll need to survive. That’s why you have to store water as much as you can in your shelter.
  • Food – The next thing you should do is to stock up on food (non-perishable) for as much as you can, as it’s highly dangerous to go out in search for food hours after the fallout.
  • Communication – You’ll need to know what’s happening around your town, state, nation, etc. So, get yourself a rechargeable radio or the one that works on batteries.
  • Medical Supplies – You can’t make it without some life-saving medicines, allergy medications, or some pain-killers for conditions medical conditions you or any of your family members suffer. Get all the medications stored in a waterproof plastic bag in your shelter.
  • Additional Supplements – Obviously, don’t forget those important supplements, such as duct tape, flashlights, facial masks for pollution, dust, etc., and some garbage or plastic bags.
  • Keep up with the National Affairs – Nuclear fallouts don’t occur simply out of nowhere without any heads-up. If you keep up with newspapers and TV news, you will be able to assess that there’s some tension rising between a few countries, and it soon might escalate. It can help you prepare yourself mentally as well as physically.
  • Hours before the attack – This is when you need to act promptly. Evaluate the areas that possess high danger of being attacked, such as military bases, commercial ports, federal buildings, Crowded areas also possess the high risk of getting attacked. Hence head towards the countryside, away from any army bases or government buildings.
  • High-altitude Explosions – High-altitude atomic bombs can cause electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) that can affect all the electronic gadgets and appliances, including mobile phones and digital data. Devices that are plugged into the sockets might cause short circuitry or detonations and, therefore, jeopardizing the lives of you and your family.

5. Survive a Tornado

  • Close all the doors (inside and out) during a Tornado. Homes with open doors or windows are much more likely to be destroyed by high winds.
  • Never take shelter under a bridge or overpass, during a Tornado. Traffic structures collapse. Either drive to any other safest location near or pull over, buckle your seat-belt and cover your head.
  • Avoid gymnasiums, theaters, shopping malls, and other constructions with large open interior spaces where the chances roof collapsing are higher.
  • If you’re driving a car during a tornado, don’t try to outrun it, as they can travel at a speed of 70 mph.
  • Stay inside your emergency shelter until you’re sure that the tornado has passed away.

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