12 Astonishing Facts About Twins You Never Knew!

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12 Astonishing Facts About Twins

Twins are the most mysterious and amazing creation of the nature. Twins can be identical or completely different from each other. People being twins surely have the best companions with them. It is needless to mention how they have fun confusing other people with their identities. Lots of facts and myths revolve around the topic of twins. Here, we have tried to convey some of the astonishing and overwhelming facts about twins that you might have not known earlier.

 Astonishing Facts About Twins

1. Twins of different races can be born

If the parents of the twins belong to different races, it is possible that the babies born are of different skin color and facial features.



2. Twins from different biological fathers are possible

Usually, only one egg is released by a woman, every month. But sometimes even two eggs can be released and both the eggs can be fertilized by sperms of different males.


3. If the twins are conjoined, it is possible that they can hear each other’s thought and see through each others eyes

This is possible when the twins share the thalamus of the brains. Thalamus controls the motor functions of the body.



4. Twins can even be born months apart

This sounds a bit unbelievable. But in a case of a premature delivery, there are chances that one baby gets delivered earlier and the other one later on. The highest record of days of difference between the births of twins is noted to be 87 days.


5. Women who are taller are more prone to be conceiving twins

The reason behind it is the better quality of growth hormone, as compared to average heightened women.



6. Even Identical twins have different fingerprints

Well, the DNA may be the same for identical twins, but not the fingerprints. Fingerprints are actually impressions of the part of amniotic sac touching the fingers of babies.


7. You can tell twins apart by looking at the belly buttons

Don’t think belly buttons to be genetic. They are actually the scars left behind by the umbilical cord upon removal. So they will be different for each of the twins.



8. Mothers of twins are noted to live longer

Most likely, only healthier women will be delivering twins. So they are believed to live longer.


9. Women with high consumption of dairy products are more prone to carry twins

Lots of vitamins and minerals mean a healthy body. Hence, the potential to carry twins increases.


10. Twins have good bonding right from the time of being in the womb

Twins start communicating touching each other and making gestures from 14 to 18 weeks of pregnancy.



11. Twins are more likely to be left-handed

There is no strong explanation for this theory. But it is recorded that their chances to be left-handed are more.


12. Twins may have similar lives, even if they are separated at birth

Twins who have been separated at the birth show similarity in choices, marrying spouses with same names and working on same kind of jobs. These coincidences may give goose bumps.


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